Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging Basics

  1. New Job postings come into your Inbox under the Company folder
  2. Messages from current jobs show up in Job Chat  found   on the  Project or  Trade Dashboard
  3. The You folder in your Inbox has a list of all messages sent to you from Job chat as well as the schedule for tasks
  4. The Blue  Arrow sends messages
  5. The Paperclip Icon on the bottom left of the messaging screen will allow you to attach images and files
  6.  When you select employees to Follow a project they will start to receive messages about the project as well as when tasks are generated  

Job Bid Messaging 

  1. Matches for new jobs get sent to your inbox under the Compay  folder
  2. Chat gets generated by clicking the green  Interested in job posting message
  3. There are three conversation prompts to help you get the bid conversation started
  4. The  Accept Job  button gets generated after the contractor who is hiring the trade awards the job.
  5. Selecting the accept job button generates the Trade Dashboard and Job Chat

Job Chat 

  1. Select the project from the left side menu that you're wanting to send a message about, this takes you to the  Trade Dashboard
  2. Click Job Chat , this will bring up the list of contact cards for trades involved in that project, each trade hired will have its own conversations split into Wall  (open)   or Private
  3. The Name of the Company on the left of the Job Chat window is the Wall or  Open Job Chat that any trade hired for the job or employee set to follow the project can see
  4. The Blue Private icon  on the right of the Hiring Contractor  's name is a private chat between the hiring contractor, that hired trade, and its followers. 
  5. The  Blue Private icon  on the right of the   is a private chat between that company and the employees following that project

Adding Followers

  1. Select the project you'd like to add your employees to from the left side menu, this takes you to the  Trade Dashboard
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Followers, a window will pop up
  3. Clicking " Search Groups and Users " will give you a drop-down menu of all your employees
  4. Select each employee you would like following this project, once you select them they will have a green check beside them 
  5. Click Save and your employees will be notified about the job you have just assigned 

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