Hiring a Trade

Creating Trade to be Hired

  1. From the side menu Select the project that you would like to add or hire the trade to
  2. Once on the project dashboard page click Add Trade
  3.  In the choose a trade window search and type in the trade you are looking to hire, select the trade and click the Orange Button at the bottom of the window 
  4. In the next screen, select Create Trade  at the bottom of the page.
  5.  Create job window will pop up next where you will enter skills for the trade, dates for the project, budget and choose to make trade public or unlisted
  6. Click Create Posting

Inviting Someone to Bid 

  1. From Project Dashboard select the trade you have just created, this takes you to the Trade Dashboard
  2. Click the Invite Someone to Bid icon 
  3. Select how you would like to invite them, either through:
    1. CCDEX Contacts, a list of your contacts will come up to choose from. This automatically sends invite through app 
    2. CCDEX Company. a list of companies using CCDEX will come up for you to choose or search through. This automatically sends invite through app
    3. Email or Phone if they are not in the CCDEx app yet 
  4. With the email or phone option, you will have to input the person's email or phone number and name then click Send Invite
Once they have accepted the invite you have to go into the Trade Dashboard and select the Posting Details this gives you a list of the contractors interested in the job. Click Allow to Bid to start the bidding conversation with each contractor interested in the job.

Accepting Invite & Creating a Profile

  1. Once the person invited clicks the I'm Interested button in their email they will go to the CCDEX app or website to create their profile in order to bid on the job.
  2. To create profile fill out:
    1. Company name (helps to generate a username)
    2. User Name
    3. Name
    4. Email Address
    5. Phone Number
    6. Password
  3.  Agree to terms and conditions then click Create Account  
  4. Verify Service areas by selecting all areas company works out of, click Continue
  5. What Do You Do page is next, where you select tags for the skills of your company or trade (A Green checkmark shows all the skills that your company will be tagged for in new job searches)
  6. Click Continue at the bottom of What Do You DO then click Next on CCDEX Page
For instant Job matches and advanced features click Yes I want this or No Thanks will allow you to find jobs manually in the app 

Bidding on the Job 

Once you have select Yes I am interested in the invite email or CCDEX inbox, a notification will be sent to the contractor who posted the job. Once they allow you to bid the bidding conversation starts through the CCDEX messenger in the inbox which can be found at the top of the left side menu. This is where the bidding for the job happens.

Awarding the Job

  1.  The contractor that posted the job goes to their inbox and selects the message from the contractor they would like to give the job to
  2. Click the Award Job button at the top of the conversation window
  3. Go to the project's calendar and schedule the days you would like this team to come in. Click  HERE  to see how to schedule

Accepting the Job 

  1. Now the person accepting the job must go into their inbox and accept the job by clicking Accept Job in the top of the conversation window
  2. Clicking View Project will prompt them to  rename the project for their own project menu in CCDEX, click save once renamed
  3. Now you are at the trade dashboard
  4. You can start building your project assign task and scheduling them to your team click HERE  to see how to do that 

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