Creating Your First Project

Creating New Projects & Assigning Tasks

  1. In the side menu on the left you will see a list of items: inbox task etc.. below that will be a list of current projects click  View All  or  Create New Project  if you haven't created one yet.
  2. Selecting  View All  takes you to the projects page that will have a  Create  button in the top right corner. Selecting  Create New Project  takes you directly to the project creation page. 
  3. The project creation page will ask you to input project name and description then select  Create  at the bottom of the page which takes you to the location portion of project creation.
  4. The location page is where you input address and type of construction project.  Skip  or  Save Location  will take you to the  Project  Dashboard
  5. On the Project Dashboard is where you will add the  Tasks  that need to be completed for the project. Hitting enter or clicking the blue plus sign will save the task
  6.  Clicking the Icon on the right of each task after they've been created will allow you to assign that task to an employee. A window will pop up with a list of your current employees to select from
  7. Clicking  Calendar  at the top of you'll be brought to the calendar page where you can schedule the tasks  

Scheduling Tasks

  1.   In the Calendar Page you will see a side menu with a list of your current tasks, drag and drop task onto desired date
  2.  Use cursor to hover over the boarder of date on calendar, cursor will turn to an arrow with a point at each end.
  3. Click and slide to expand number of days of task 
You can also select each task individually once on the calendar to edit them 

Creating Dependencies (maintaining task order when rescheduled) 

  1. From the Calendar Page click on the task that you know cannot be started until prior tasks completion
  2. A task editor window will pop up with the dates of that task in the top right corner click the dates
  3. You're now at a small calendar window with a Dependent Schedule below clicking that will bring up the dependency schedule
  4. Select the initial task that must be completed prior to the task you're editing
  5.  Click Save in top right corner to save changes you've made to task
Once you have created dependencies you are able to drag and drop initial task on the calendar into a new date and the following tasks will reschedule themselves in the order of their dependencies.

Time Sheet entry

  1. Select Time Sheets in left side menu from employee profile 
  2. Click Create Time Sheet Entry from Time sheet page
  3. Select Project your time entry is for at the top of page
  4. Input notes/description on time entry
  5. Select date of hours works
  6. Select time of start and time of finish 
  7. Click Save in top right corner

Time Sheet Reports

  1. Select  Time Sheet Reports from Side Menu on left of Contractor/ Employer Profile
  2. Select the Project you are running time sheet report for at top of time sheet reports page
  3. Select week of time sheets you would like to run report on
  4. Click Generate on right side of Time Sheet Report page
  5. Export at the bottom of the page will generate an Excel Spread Sheet or PDF 

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